NHRI signs MOU with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore

A team of representatives from NHRI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), an affiliated research institute with the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University to jointly collaborate on research ventures in infectious diseases, vector-borne diseases biology, neuroscience and novel drug R&D in January, 2019.

TLL is a well-known organization of global talent in the area of infectious disease and bio-molecular science research. In response to our nation’s New Southbound Policy which has called for medical cooperation to enhance relations with countries in the neighborhood, the National Mosquito-Borne Diseases Control Research Center has earnestly visited Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Solomon Islands to showcase Taiwan’s experiences in mosquito-borne disease control and technology to develop international research collaborations.

Representatives from NHRI included Dr. Tsu-An Hsu, Investigator from Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research on behalf of President Kung-Yee Liang, Dr. Guann-Yi Yu, Associate Investigator from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology and Dr. Chun-Hong Chen, Deputy Executive Secretary from the National Mosquito-Borne Diseases Control Research Center, visited TLL in January, 2019. Teams from NHRI & TLL gave presentations on their research expertise and representatives from NHRI signed the MOU with TLL at the meeting. The MOU focused on future bilateral collaborations and exchanges. The new NHRI-TLL MOU will promote the collaborations between two research institutes and enhance our institute’s academic exchanges with countries in the geographic regions highlighted in the New Southbound Policy.

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