NHRI welcomes visit by delegation from the 2018 Taiwan-ASEAN Drug Regulatory Forum

A delegation from the 2018 Taiwan-ASEAN Drug Regulatory Forum visited NHRI on September 6, 2018 as part of their site-visit program organized by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration.

Dr. Shiow-Ing Wu, Secretary General extended her warmest welcome to the group on behalf of NHRI. The group was then briefed by Dr. Yi-Rong Chen, Deputy Director of the Department of Research Planning and Development on the overview and research highlights of NHRI.

As the development of biologics, biosimilars and vaccines are on the rise in the member states of ASEAN, the group showed high interest during the site-visit to bioproduction plant. The delegation was highly impressed with the vaccine and antivenin production ability presented by Dr. Shih-Jen Liu, CEO of the plant. They were given a guided tour of the plant and managed to catch a glimpse of the monitoring and risk response management of equipment and staff from the control room.

This visit helps to promote Taiwan’s involvement with our neighboring countries in the area of drug regulatory policy and further enhances our participation and contribution to drug administration management system globally.

The exchange of ideas with visitors to NHRI serves as a successful conclusion to the 2018 Taiwan-ASEAN Drug Regulatory Forum.

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